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In 2002, I pursued my dreams of being a filmmaker when I took a one-way road trip from Boise, Idaho to Southern California to attend film school at Brooks Institute. While going to school, I worked as a newscast editor at KEY News. Years after earning my B.A. in Film & Video Production, I joined the Air Force Reserves as a Broadcast Journalist, where I further developed storytelling skills via videography. I currently reside in Moorpark and work part time as a video-photo journalist for the Air National Guard. 

I have a very simple style of photography and videography. I prefer more candid, natural... less staged, cliche poses. I feel like my purpose in life is to find the story in each person and to help them tell that story. Documenting special occasions makes a memory come alive. I do it through weddings, birthdays, Celebrations of Life, and documentaries.

I would be honored to tell your story, given the chance. 
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