Are we required to provide vendor meals?

Yes, please provide vendor meals if you want us there for 4+ hours.

We work better fueled up :) 

Vendor Meals

My Blu Ray won't play properly.

We burn discs on the most popular brand of BD-Rs, but occasionally people have compatibility issues with their Blu Ray players, so try these:

1. Wipe the disc clean with a lens cloth. Sometimes this will solve it.

2. Try a different player, if you have one.

3. Update Blu Ray firmware if using a video game system.


4. If all fails, we will burn you a DVD at no extra charge. 

Blu Ray Playback 

Do you offer client revisions?

If you want to view the edited videos before we burn them to a disc, let us know beforehand and we can upload them to a cloud drive for you. If you have minor revisions, we can do one round of revisions for free, but if it's extensive, then we can determine the extra editing charge at that point. If you want revisions after the disc is burned, we can accommodate that but we'll have to charge $25 to re-author a new disc. 

Client Revisions

We put a wireless microphone on the groom's lapel for the ceremony. It's a good idea to keep a tissue in your pocket in case you get the sniffles. Sniffling all through the ceremony can be somewhat distracting when watching your video later. Just a tip!

Audio Tip